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DIY Bridal Survival Kit

November 30, 2011 by  
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It’s no secret that the wedding day is a stressful, busy day. Even the most relaxed weddings still have tons of minute details to be coordinated during the day of the wedding. Sometimes even the thickest planners and heaps of sticky notes can’t cure all of the possible wedding day mishaps. One brilliant idea that is trending with brides is creating a bridal survival kit. The survival kit is put together by the bride or bridal party, in hopes of preparing for any mishaps that may occur during the wedding day.

   You may fill your survival kit with any items that might be of assistance during your wedding day. Some  helpful items might be: bandages (for blistered heels), lip balm, breath mints, pain killers, dental floss,    hair pins, hair spray, deodorant, hair brush, nail file, and hand sanitizer. There are so many more items  you could pack into your kit, like nail polish, bug spray, hand cream, and safety pins. This kit is  purposefully designed to meet your wedding day needs. Fill the kit with items that will help solve any    issues that may occur on your day. Think about your venue, the time of year, and the duration of the  ceremony/ wedding activities. Choose shoes that will function throughout the entire day, unless you are    planning to change them half way through the evening. If your ceremony is going to be held in an outdoor venue, remember to bring lots of non-greasy, non-scented bug spray.

After choosing which items you want to add to your bag, purchase a durable bag to hold all of your utensils. It would be a smart idea to choose a bag made of thick fabric and a secured top to ensure that none of your items fall out. Since you probably won’t need to full pack of fifty bandages or the entire case of  three hundred safety pins, wrap a small amount of items in a colored ribbon or clear baggy to keep your bag organized and easy to access.

You could also assemble emergency bags for your bridesmaids as well. Packing their bags with similar items, and even including a cute butterfly wedding favor- a compact mirror for easy touch ups. They would be prepared for the wedding day, and have precious bridesmaid gifts.

What items would you fill your survival pack with?

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