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Veils, Unveiled

March 27, 2012 by  
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The hardest part about planning your wedding comes down to making all those final decisions on the deets. Should you have an aisle runner or walk on the grass? Should you wear high heels so your man doesn’t have to lean down quite so far for that first kiss as man and wife, or should you wear the ballet flats that will be so much kinder to your feet? Should you go with calla lily favors because they match your flowers, or black and white favors because they match your color theme? And to top it all off, if you’ve chosen to wear a veil with your gown, which veil should you choose??

Well, when it comes to choosing your wedding veil, it’s (unfortunately) not quite as simple as picking one off the rack.  First, you need to buy the dress, and then find a veil that complements both the gown, and you!

Cathedral veils are the long, dramatic veils that flow all the way down your back and fall about a foot behind the end of your wedding gown. These are fab for shorter ladies and brides getting married in, well, a cathedral with a long aisle!

Elbow Length veils are veils that come down to right about your elbows, hence the name! These veils are a great choice for shorter brides as well, and can be a great compromise for having that traditional veil without it being quite so traditional looking.

Fingertip Length veils come down to the edge of your fingertips if you have your arms lying straight at your sides, and it’s the type of veil that one particularly popular princess donned on her wedding day. These types of veils are not only elegant, but are perf for taller brides! (Ladies who are a little more height challenged should avoid the fingertips veil – it just won’t do you any favors.)

Blushers are the part of the veil that comes down over your face, typically worn for the walk down the aisle, and then pushed back at the beginning of the ceremony or lifted by your new hubby for that first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. (aww). But, blushers are optional, and you can find veils both with and without to suit your style!

Birdcage veils are actually a totally modern (yet vintage) take on the blusher veil! Think about it – just like a traditional blusher, the birdcage veil comes down delicately over your face. The difference? The birdcage veil is netting, and it’s only over the face – there is no veil that goes on the back of the head as well.

In addition to the length and style of your veil, you may want to consider the details and search for a veil that matches the embellishments on your wedding gown. For example, just like the dress, you can have a veil that has beading or a scalloped lace edge.

And, if you love the tradition of weddings but aren’t exactly on board with wearing your mother’s wedding gown, why not wear your mother’s veil? Not only will it be a special family heirloom with meaning for you, but it also takes care of the something old and something borrowed on your to do list! Check, and check!


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