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Dangerous Wedding Traditions

July 30, 2010 by  
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Just like any other type of tradition, weddings have their own set of sometimes quirky, sometimes meaningful rituals that we perform because — well, ┬áit’s just what you do. But as we evolve as a civilization, and learn things that me may not have known before, we sometimes need to make a few tweaks to long-standing traditions.

One example is how it used to be commonplace for guests to throw rice at the bride and groom after their nuptials. This tradition has been around since early Roman times, and it symbolizes prosperity. But, recently we’ve learned that dry rice could be dangerous for the birds who would feast on it after the guests have gone. The birds would feast until their stomachs were full or until the rice was gone. Sadly, they would then have trouble when the rice expanded in their little bellies. Nowadays, we substitute things like bubbles or confetti to keep the birds safe.

In southern Italy, it is a tradition for the bride and groom to shoot off a firearms at their wedding celebration. Or, they may plan an elaborate display of fireworks. I don’t know if there are any plans to tone-down these traditions, but it seem that it may time to think of alternatives. Recently, at a wedding in Sicily, the wedding photographer was tragically killed by an accidental shot fired by the bride or groom. This is just one tragic example of how people are hurt, or even killed by a dangerous tradition.

Traditions are great, and can add meaning to an already memorable day, but we need to remember that a wedding should be a joyous time for everyone. It’s a time to celebrate like you never have before, but play it safe and keep dangerous traditions out of the mix.

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