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Bridesmaids on a Budget

January 28, 2010 by  
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One thing they almost never tell you about planning a wedding, is how you have the eloquence and strength of a politician to navigate through other people’s expectations — while still keeping true to your own. Some people have ridiculous expectations, so they are easy to manage — just say no, ever so eloquently of course ;) . But one expectation you do have to manage deals with the budget of your wedding party.

These days just about everyone is moreĀ consciousĀ of every penny spent. And while your wedding will be an important and necessary expense to those closest to you (your wedding party), you should definitely keep their budget in mind when picking out their attire. The groomsmen are easy, they rent their tuxes. All you have to do is try to keep it reasonable.

So when it comes to bridesmaids, we ask: why shouldn’t they also be able to rent their dresses? This can be done at a fraction of the cost to buy, and you can still have your dream couture wedding. Some tux rental stores have started renting prom and wedding dresses, so if you’re interested in the concept you can start there. But if you’re looking for more designer options, check out Wear Today Gone Tomorrow — a fairly new site launched by a former Lucky Magazine editor. Now they don’t specialize in bridesmaid’s attire (yet), but you may still be able to find a designer dress that would be appropriate in the sizes you’ll need. Just keep in mind, this may not work if you have a girl in your party that will almost certainly need alterations.

If the rental concept doesn’t work for you, another way to help your bridesmaids justify the cost would be to pick out a simple dress that they will be able wear again after they day’s festivities are over. Their wallets will certainly appreciate the gesture!

Here are a few styles from WTGT..

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